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I trust you


partners in crime!au, erwin is having a little problem here


erwin surrendered. from the partners in crime!au


-whispers- AU where Erwin is the Queens Watchdog and Levi is one hell of a butler
Had this sitting in my ask box for a little while.
I can find a lot of paralelisms between Erwin/Levi and Ciel/Sebastian hahaha 

A choice with no regrets


EruRi Appreciation Week Vol.2 // Coming soon!

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Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Levi Ackerman: Delusor Cosplay [WorldCosplay]

Photo: Mistiqarts
Editing: AVATAR.designs

3DMG: Stefan Vujčić, Stevan Dark Armoury, The Forge.rs


“Tch. You’re so slow. What I want to drink is… your milk, Erwin.”

Title. Captain Levi - Child on the Outside, Old Man on the Inside
Doujinka. Hyura
Circle. Melomelow
Pixiv ID. 3465606
Rating. R18
Characters. Erwin Smith, Levi, Hanji

WARNING: shota!Levi (and he’s really cute, so this was a scanlation with no regrets); daddy kink, but then again you probably already know that as an eruri shipper

Download the complete English scanlation here.


chillin with the bae

photo: splitimagecosplay
levi: miaka2u
erwin: danchou-dearest
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a sweet&sorrowful chinese eruri fanmix ;
比翼雙飛 // 
bǐ yì shuāng fēi, describing an inseparable couple to a pair of wings in flight.

魔鬼中的天使 - 田馥甄 // 棋子 - 王菲 // 傻子 - 林宥嘉 // 愛夏 - 胡夏 // 江南 - 林俊傑 // 我們的愛 - 飛兒樂團 // 我的歌聲裡 - 曲婉婷 // 盛夏的果實 - 莫文蔚 // 給我一個理由忘記 - A-Lin // 我好想你 - 蘇打綠 // 從未去過的地方 - 王心凌 // 愛久見人心 - 梁靜茹

angel within the demon - hebe tian // chess piece - faye wang // a fool - yoga lin // love summer - hu xia // south of river - jj lin // our love - f.i.r. // you exist in my song - wanting // fruits of summer - karen mok // give me a reason to forget - a-lin // I miss you - sodagreen // somewhere I have never been - cyndi wang // long time love reveals the heart - fish leong

[ listen here ]

art by ekaitz, used with permission. for translations of specific songs please drop me an ask.



stereobone look what you made me do


ya how you guys doin’