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I trust you


It is officially the beautiful orderandsophism's birthday!! I cannot explain to you how much I love this wonderful woman—she is my rock, and is hands-down the most wonderful, selfless, and amazing person I have ever met.  I wanted her to have to dirtiest, most disgusting eruri ever, and I hope you all wish her a happy birthday!  I love you, baby!


For my waifu crimson-dynamo XD <3

Some eruri doodles for the color palette meme. Sorry I can’t be less lame and finish this properly, but sketchy and I get along pretty well.

Requests are closed for the time being… it’s gonna take me a while to get through the ones I have because once again, I am a huge piece of trash. Because, well. Pretty much everything ends up as porn with me. sorry not sorry. Perhaps in the future I’ll consider opening snk smut commissions because, it’s truthfully all want to do and it gives me life. XD


kill la kill au…. and before you ask, yes, those are his eyebrows. 

fic - caturday [erwin/levi]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALICE! *:・゚✧ Look here, some catdads. Some catdads who work in a hospital. It’s a two-for-one. I dk what this all means I guess I’m writing furries now haha [sweats nervously]


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Anonymous: SNK! SNK! SNK!!! Love your art btw xxx


'Send me an anime and I'll draw my OTP'

Levi says he does it to try and fluster Erwin, but everyone knows that is impossible and that the corporal just likes to 3dmg by and give some pda to his bae!


you know what this going to end up as; snugglefuck.

I got this idea from the new cover


Pffff… I took more pics than this at the Anime Expo EruRi gathering, but a lot of them came out blurrier than I thought… Ah, wellz, at least I got these~ I sadly was only able to make it to the Friday gathering.

Erwins (L to R):
napalmcosplay, me~, papaerwin, and I’m not sure of who the fourth Erwin is, if you do please let me know!

Levis (L to R):
taymeho, shikarius, angryoldheichou, and I’m not certain of who the last Levi is, if you do I shall fix it!

It was wonderful meeting all of you!


Pictures from before and after the Eruri meetup at AX! 

Erwins: papaerwin, napalm9

Levis: shikarius, angryoldheichou

Krista: asksmallgoddesschild

Ymir: siriex

Hanji: askerenscreeper

I know I missed a few people, so if you know who the other cosplayers are, please let me know!


too hot for couch cuddles — i’ll settle to just draw it instead ;__;