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I trust you


you know what this going to end up as; snugglefuck.

I got this idea from the new cover


Pffff… I took more pics than this at the Anime Expo EruRi gathering, but a lot of them came out blurrier than I thought… Ah, wellz, at least I got these~ I sadly was only able to make it to the Friday gathering.

Erwins (L to R):
napalmcosplay, me~, papaerwin, and I’m not sure of who the fourth Erwin is, if you do please let me know!

Levis (L to R):
taymeho, shikarius, angryoldheichou, and I’m not certain of who the last Levi is, if you do I shall fix it!

It was wonderful meeting all of you!


Pictures from before and after the Eruri meetup at AX! 

Erwins: papaerwin, napalm9

Levis: shikarius, angryoldheichou

Krista: asksmallgoddesschild

Ymir: siriex

Hanji: askerenscreeper

I know I missed a few people, so if you know who the other cosplayers are, please let me know!


too hot for couch cuddles — i’ll settle to just draw it instead ;__;


Kind of following this and this ideas. A waltz was due ♥
Let’s say Levi wears heels and it’s very uncomfortable ‘cause his dancing skills are pretty shitty and he has to wear a tail-coat and Erwin wears a tail-coat and he looks so damn fine with it.


smelly potato chips Erwin


1405xx-140603 eruri


It is eruri which I drew a short time ago. I know the fact that a favorite certain artist saw this…I feel like I will die… (but it was quoted without my permission :( 💔

I want them to do it by all means!!<3
I was still excited…ugh… sorry, I must calm down..

Probably I put it out later…⁰⁽⁸³ ⁾~(฿3_ヽ)_

古い絵だからちょっと恥ずかしいね…( ˙▿˙ )笑


good morning