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when in doubt, draw floating heads

fic - heart in mouth [erwin/levi]


this is for hamlet and aileine because, well, their last two comics just inspired me so much and i can’t believe i’m surrounded by such talented people in this fandom. i adore you two~ ♥︎ (nsfw)

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Animenext print, vintage border

BY || 白崎|壁博3 東3ル01a


I was just practicing torso anatomy and fabric folds ok



The books have been printed and arrived!

As everyone can see, there’s a lot of orders to be sent out, so we hope everyone will be patient!

Its a one-person show for shipping and I have to work as well ; v ;

Orders will start to be sent out this weekend!


Educational methods.


【エルリ】もこちょともこヴィンともこハンジ | 尾形宗一
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Childhood Bestfriends AU

Does anyone else in here like eruri in a childood bestfriends becoming lovers context? ermygod… i am a sucker for them in that verse *sobs*

If asked when exactly it was that he started viewing Erwin as no longer a friend but more of a potential lover, Levi would only think of that warm summer night, where humidity was being a pain in ass, and the tall blond offered to carry him on his back when he was too lazy to walk back home.

The heat season abhorred all kinds of physical contact, intimate or otherwise, yet despite the sweat clinging on his skin and alarm bells yelling inside his head to decline and instead indulge his lethargic mood, Levi raised his arms in silent command for Erwin to pick him up, clearly opting to be pressed against the other’s chest and calm beating heart.

Ugh. It’s too hot for this, asshole.” Of course, it wasn’t just the heat; Levi had always been a prickly little shit.

But Erwin, having spent most of his life reading between the lines when it came to Levi, just laughed as if his irritation was a comedy scene.

Erwin’s shirt was damp with both sweat and condensed summer air. His cologne, most probably an expensive gift from his parents or numerous admirers which Levi refused a waste a brain cell remembering, had faded into a dull sandalwood scent—overpowered by the cool masculine smell that was decidedly Erwin.

It might not be the most comfortable position at the moment, but Levi couldn’t think of any other place in the world he would rather be.

Ah, Levi sighed, nuzzling deeper into Erwin’s embrace. Not bad.

If Erwin noticed the shorter man inhaling deeply on the skin near his neck, he made no mention of it, save for the fond squeeze made by the hand which found itself settling on Levi’s shoulder.

“You’re welcome, Levi.”


And the latter part of their lives together, Levi would always be quick to deny that Erwin’s musky scent was a huge turn on for him. 



I’ve never made stickers before.. hah… ha…. _(:,D/L)_ these will be at AX… 


I’ve never made stickers before.. hah… ha…. _(:,D/L)_ these will be at AX…